Interesting Oscilloscope Patterns

Over the Independence Day Weekend, I spent some time with my vintage Tektronix 7614 o’scope looking at various ways to generate “pretty pictures”. My goal is to get some of this documented in a way that allow easy demonstrations and such. This, in turn, might help interest other people in the radio and electronics hobby.

I have posted a video with some of the results on YouTube.

One very useful piece of equipment that made life a lot easier was a Samsung tablet running the audio function generator software app available from Black Cat Systems. The output level on the tablet was a bit low, so I built a dual 5x amplifier using a 1458 dual op-amp chip. After that I was in business and able to generate some interesting patterns. Most were “stable”, but the last example in the video actually shows a primitive demonstration of what the output from an analog computer looking at the orbit of the moon around the earth as the earth orbits around the sun might look like. (In other words, it shows a “dual orbit” on the o’scope screen.)

I hope to be sharing more soon!

73 de

“With a schematic in one hand, a soldering iron in the other, and a puzzled look on his face”


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