W4JBM’s books and such…

I enjoy both reading and writing. I have had a few articles appear in technical journals or industry magazines over the years, but September 2002 was a milestone–that month my first article for QST magazine was published. Growing up, a copy of the 1964 ARRL Handbook along with a dozen or so issues of QST from the 1960s were some of my most cherished reading material relating to radio and electronics.

Since then, I have written other articles and books. In recent years, my efforts have been focused around ebooks on Amazon. I have several books out there and there are several more in the works. If they look like the kind of thing you are interested in, I hope you’ll check them out. Remember, previews are available and if it turns out you aren’t totally satisfied ebooks can be returned for a full credit under Amazon’s terms.

Here are the books I currently offer through Amazon.

Test Equipment for the Radio Experimenter was written to help those just getting started in radio and electronics figure out what test equipment they should consider picking up, but also provides some hints and ideas that even experienced experimenters will likely find useful.

Record Keeping for the Radio Experimenter is a short booklet that talks about the importance of project documentation. If you have ever had a project you built ten years ago go “poof” and then struggled to find the schematic, then you know how frustrating not documenting things can be. This book offers ideas and outlines for various types of documentation.

Growing up, I always enjoyed reading things like Charles Fort’s collection of oddities. Mysteries Of The Ether: The puzzling and unusual side of shortwave radio! collects some of the radio related oddities I have come across over the last few decades. Failed space missions, the first radio detonated explosive device–over a century ago, and a number of other stories are included.

On a lighter note, Radio and Electronics Brain Benders includes fifteen radio-related puzzles that can keep you occupied for a few hours some weekend when you need some light reading.


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